Instead of spitting

Your uneducated venom,

Open your mind

And absorb the facts.

Use your eyes to focus

On what lies beneath.

Shield your soul,

From the toxic waste

Spilling from their every pore.

Be wise,

Be strong, 


Be in control of you.

© Ro


Monster Inside

Do you see the monster inside?

Hiding away,

Eating my soul,

Erupting blood,

Playing with my emotions,

Causing havoc with my life.

Do you see the monster inside?

Lurking behind my eyes,

Roaming free,

No chemicals can hold,

Holding its reign over my brain.

Do you see the monster inside?




© Ro

The True Colour of Darkness

What do you do when all is lost?

The swirling vortex,

A blur in the mind.

Flashing images,

Random words.

Memories repeating,

Consequences catastrophic.

When will it all end?

Wanting a break,

Freedom from the mind,

A sharp gash.

Untied from the chains,

From the excessive emotions.

The faking can commence,

Fooling everyone.

Happy animated expression,

With the true colour of darkness,

Burning inside,

Waiting to escape.

© Ro