Webs Woven

Whispering splintered tongue,

Shattering silence and peace.

Water flows to the rim,

Strength and force holds its place.

Another bittered whisper

And the water overflows,

Down the newly formed stream.

Free to fall,

To land with grace.

Free to leave a mark

And it’s presence known. 

Free to be

And not changed,

Molded into something new,

Something useful,


Anything but the starting piece.

Laid to rest where it wishes

And nothing said,

No moving spies.

Webs woven,

They never end.

What was the beginning?

What will be the end?

© Ro


Language Unknown 

Drifting through the waves,

The sky moving above me,

Trees whispering to one another.

I rock gently as I arrive ashore,

Dry mouthed,

Blistered lips,

Cracked skin.

I fade to white,

Soothed by the water.

My ears prick up,

My flesh is covered in clouds,

Floating towards the warmth.

Gravity lays me down.

Heavy pile of rocks,

My body solidifies.

Wetness around my mouth,

My tounge soaks it up.

Language unknown comforts my soul.

Peace descends upon me and again,

I am drifting through the waves.

© Ro

Are You Near?

You are blurred in my mind.

A fleeting shadow,

With a warming presence.

In my dreams your lips move

But your voice is lost,

Trapped in the far corner

Of a cluttered mind. 

Are you near?

The burden weighs me down. 

Knowing that memories will be replaced,

Shatters my already fragile heart. 

Come back to my dreams,

No need for words.

Just hold me tight

Until another new day begins. 

© Ro